Presidency – Moritz Markwalder

The presidency is responsible for leading and coordinating the board. The presidency plans and conducts board meetings, represents HeaT in various committees, and supports the other board members in their work.

Vice Presidency – Timo Looser

The vice presidency supports the presidency in its work and shares tasks with it. It primarily manages organizational and internal matters and attends official appointments.

Treasury – Nora Uhr

The treasurer is responsible for the financial management and bookkeeping of HeaT, including overseeing income and expenses.

Student Affairs – Jurij Schicker

The Student Affairs Board organizes PVKs (exam preparation courses) at the end of the semester. Additionally, it handles all student-related matters and represents HST students on the Academic Affairs Committee.

IT – Valentin Schickhofer

IT is responsible for the smooth use of HeaT’s technical infrastructure. Additionally, this department handles content management, technical support for the website, and the management of documents for the students.


As the name suggests, we organize all events that take place during the semester. These include the legendary beer pong tournament, big parties, cozy game nights, various sports events, and constantly new events.

Academic Policy

The Academic Policy department deals with the HeaT’s relations with ETH and VSETH. Procedurally, this is done through exchanges with relevant ETH authorities and by participating in VSETH’s Student Association Council.

PR – Francesco Bianchi

The PR department is responsible for communication with external stakeholders, particularly sponsors. It continuously seeks new opportunities and expands existing partnerships.


The commission of medical students at ETH, known as MESA, is represented within HeaT by its presidency. We act as the ‘student association’ for medical students, bridging the gap between medical and HST students and promoting collaboration between the two programs.


As the program attracts many athletes, HeaT has taken on the task of providing students with the opportunity to access sports gear at lower prices through the Move Sportshop. Our main offerings include organizing summer and winter markets and designing and selling HeaT merchandise.