HeaT strives to provide the best possible support to students, whether it’s through study materials, networking events, or various deals with our sponsors who offer their products to you at favorable conditions through HeaT.

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If you have specific organizational questions regarding your studies, feel free to reach out to your respective semester representatives:

First year HST:

Carlotta Gräfin von Wiser (cgraefin@student.ethz.ch)
Elio Strebel (estrebel@student.ethz.ch)

Second year HST:

Jurij Schicker (jschicker@student.ethz.ch)
Ann-Sophie Faust (fausta@student.ethz.ch)
Martial Saxer (saxerm@student.ethz.ch)

Third year HST:

Elena Leone (eleone@student.ethz.ch)
Lavinia Arago (larago@student.ethz.ch)